Alignable Makes Communication Between Local Businesses Easier


Social media can be confusing for local and small business owners. If you don’t have much of an online presence, it can seem like a waste of time. As we’ve discussed in the past, though, there are some great ways that local businesses can use social media. Now, there’s a new social tool that can help owners boost their visibility in the community– Alignable.

Alignable is a new network allowing local business owners to connect with other business owners in their community. Much like other social networks, users can post promotions and events. The promotions and events can then be pushed out to Facebook, but the ability to post them on Alignable makes it easier for other owners in the community to pitch in and assist in any way they can.


Users can also start conversations where they ask others for advice or assistance.


While users won’t directly reach their fan and customer base via Alignable (unless they have a B2B focus), it can help build and strengthen relationships and potential partnerships, creating new opportunities for the businesses and their owners.

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