Adding Pinterest to Restaurants’ Social Media Menu

Thanks to the success of competitive cooking shows like “Top Chef” and an influx of celebrity chefs taking to the online space, restaurants and food trucks have truly embraced the social media space. But are they using Pinterest to its full potential?

Pinterest has been covered endlessly by marketing, social and tech sites alike, but the fact remains that restaurants could be using Pinterest to garner some interest and gain an additional following. Here are some major points to keep in mind for your Pinterest-bound food brand.

Pinterest, cow tale cupcakes, pinterest restaurant menuPost Recipes – In addition to fashion and wedding-based pins, food and recipes remain some of the most pinned items. In fact, recipes boast a 42% higher click-through rate than other types of pins. Use this as an opportunity to pair mouth-watering glamor shots of some favorite dishes with recipes that will inspire pinners to try to make this dish at home. By linking the pin back to a recipe hosted on your restaurant’s site, you’ll also be giving pinners and idea of what your restaurant has to offer.

chocolate peanut butter honey truffles, Pinterest, Pinterest restaurant menusMention Prices in Pin Descriptions – Keep your pin descriptions short, but be sure to mention prices in them. This minor addition will do a couple major things. First, it will add a banner that highlights your dish’s price point in the upper left corner of the pin itself. Second, it will automatically list your pin in the ‘Gifts’ section of the site, where users can search for gift inspiration by price.

Pinterest restaurant menus, Pinterest video recipeYouTube Integration – Now that users can pin videos, restaurants have even more incentive to film and share footage of their chefs in action. Show off your executive chef’s incredible ability to fix a superb dish in no time, or have them walk viewers through one of the recipes you’ve previously pinned. Videos like this will help users put a face to your business and establish trust. 

Still not sold on the power on Pinterest? A recent study shows Pinterest traffic is more likely to convert. Check out the full report here.