Authenticity Wins: 6 Brands Who Define Authentic

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We live in an age of information. With so much information available, consumers are more knowledgeable than ever. In the 21st century, brands can no longer afford to be fake. Consumers want you to be honest and authentic. It’s important to tell them the truth. Show them that you really care about them and that you are trying to make their lives better. Certain brands have been far more successful then others in expressing this new spirit of authenticity.

Here are six brands that exceed at being authentic:


To many consumers, Comcast is the devil. They are one of the most reviled brands in the United States of America. Often, Comcast’s consumers take to Twitter to complain about the brand. Enter Comcast Cares. Comcast Cares was started by a single Comcast employee. He would search for customer complaints online, and do his best to address them. Now, Comcast Cares has become one of the most important parts of Comcast’s social media strategy.

Cards Against Humanity

If you aren’t familiar with it, Cards Against Humanity is a card game aimed at adults that features comedic content. CAH has created an authentic presence online, offering tongue-in-cheek commentary and directly engaging their fans on Twitter and Facebook.


Chase is another giant brand that may not seem like an obvious candidate for “most authentic brands,” but through their Community Giving social campaign, Chase gave large amounts of money to non-profit groups across the United States. With this authentic approach, Chase was able to get people excited about working with a bank.

L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean is a boot and clothing company based in Maine. They have leveraged authenticity via their digital presence to create a rabid fan following. From Pinterest boards showing their fans wearing “Bean Boots” at their weddings to great customer service, to videos of their factory employees showing just how much care goes into the creation of their product, L.L. Bean is one of the most authentic companies out there.


JetBlue has one of the highest rates of customer satisfaction of any airline in America. Part of the reason is authentic marketing and customer service. JetBlue utilizes social media to directly address the worries of customers expressing frustration and confusion while waiting at the airport for a delayed flight, or delighting their customers with surprise giveaways like their recent April 1st giveaway.


Zappos uses one of the most tried and true tactics in marketing to great effect. Treat your customers how you would like to be treated. By offering low prices, and good customer service, Zappos has managed to generate a tremendous amount of positive word of mouth and customer loyalty. Over 75% of their customers are repeat buyers.