5 Online Digital Marketing Courses For Beginners

digital marketing courses for beginngers

Digital marketing is an art that can be difficult to learn, for beginners and experts alike. No matter how many tutorials or blogs posts you read, sometimes it takes more to really help you learn the ins and outs of Twitter and the like. If you’re running into difficulty learning the branding side of Facebook, or trying to master advertising on Google, check out the following online digital marketing courses for beginners. Even if you’re a seasoned pro, you might learn a new trick or two.

Lynda.com: Content Marketing Fundamentals

It’s been a marketing buzzword for the past few years, but if the concept of content marketing still has you flummoxed, this course from Lynda.com can help you understand it and see how it can benefit your business. For $25 a month, subscribers to Lynda.com can have access to this course as well as access to…

Lynda.com: Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter

For the right brand, social media marketing can open up a world of possibilities — the biggest being connecting to your consumers on a daily basis. This course will teach you the fundamentals, as well as an overview of social media management tools and social paid advertising.

Learnable: Getting Started Blogging 

Get a handle on the fundamentals of blogging with this course taught by Darren Rowse of ProBlogger. You’ll learn how to select content, how to customize WordPress and how to conduct keyword research. The course itself is available for $49, but a subscription to Learnable is $15/month.

Udemy: AdWords- Running a Successful Campaign

PPC advertising can really bolster your online presence, even if you already have a strong organic ranking. In this free course, search engine marketing expert Jeremy Hermanns will run you through the basics and optimization process for a Google AdWords campaign.

Udemy: WordPress Essentials for Business

WordPress opens up the world of customization to even beginning small business owners. This free course, taught by Marc Beneteau, founder of WP Academy, will run you through the basics of hosting, plugins and themes.

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