5 Most Shared Blog Posts: Social Media Case Studies

Crunching the numbers for 2012 revealed that games, the job hunt and Pinterest were among the most popular as measured by social sharing. To help you understand what makes great content work in social media, I have added some key takeaways below. lonelybrand produced over 500 blog posts and white papers for brand marketers in 2012 – be sure to check them out for more great insights.

Angry Birds Marketing1. Angry Birds and Social Media Bring NASA New Attention

Total social shares: 511

Evangelizing success stories that matter to your target audience shows empathy. As brands struggle for recognition in social media many are willing to reward those who share with reciprocity. That can mean big traffic and big sharing in a time when search engines and content streams are rewarding popular content with higher placement. What can be easier than giving credit where credit is due?

Millennial Careers2. Top 10 Ways Millennials Self-Sabotage Careers

Total social shares: 395

Lists make compartmentalized, shareable and – if they are interesting enough – discussion-worthy content pieces for any digital audience. Lists can be fun and, dare I say, silly. But the best lists help provide guidance around a topic, hopefully one relevant to your target audience. Telling a story through succinct lists can be challenging. If done correctly readers will not only share, but suggest their own additions, providing fodder for future content.

Social Media for Job Hunters3. Top 10 Social Media Tips for Job Hunters

Total social shares: 258

Creating great content is a start, but understanding how and when to shop that content to relevant news outlets can amplify and extend. If making big waves in social media is one of your goals, regularly communicating with reporters, bloggers and producers can win buy in and earn a reputation for niche expertise. Take care, as blasting messages frequently and carelessly can have the opposite effect.

Pinterest Tips for Brands4. If You’re Going To Do Do Pinterest, Do It Like These 4 Brands

Total social shares: 235

Pinterest was one of the most talked about social networks in 2012. With such notoriety in mainstream industry publications content based on case studies is a no brainer. With a little research and a lot of digital know-how data can be gathered, sliced and published for all to see. Who knows – you may find some insights that are just too good to give away while you are at it (save those for subscriber-only content).

Important Web Analytics5. The Most Important Web Analytics According to Avinash Kaushik

Total social shares: 194

Everyone wants to be a thought leader. And while speaking your mind on social networks and sponsored writing gigs arranged by PR pros gets you a platform, there are certain individuals in every industry that have built that platform into a towering structure. Keynote speakers, TV contributors, tastemakers and celebrities are common names for these super-influencers. Securing an interview or custom content can mean big social appeal if the content is smart.