5 Google Search Updates You Should Know About

Google unveiled dozens of changes to its search service during March, 50 of which they highlighted in a recent blog post. You can read the entire list here, but if you want to essentials, here are 5 search updates you should know about.

Better application ranking and UI on mobile. App icons, star ratings, prices and download buttons have been rearranged to fit well on smaller screens. Mobile apps are also ranked and recommended based on your device platform.

Expanded sitelinks on mobile. Back in August, Google revised and expanded the format of sitelinks to include URLs and snippet text. Now that revised look has been launched as a feature for mobile browsers, as well, making mobile searches easier.

+1 button in search for more countries and domains. The infamous +1 button has been expanded on the search results page to additional languages and domains. This makes it easier for users to +1 content right in the search results page, without requiring them to visit the actual site. In theory, this will help to increase the amount of results you see in Google Search Plus Your World, by giving those in your circles the ability to more easily +1 content.

Local result UI refresh on tablet. Local results on tablets are now more compact, making them more user friendly.

Better handling of password changes. When you change passwords, you’ll now be signed out from your account on all devices you’re currently logged into, helping to keep your data and accounts secure.

Have you noticed the changes Google has been making? What is your favorite improvement so far? Add us to your world on Google and let us know!