LinkedIn Company Page Cover Photo Inspiration

LinkedIn Cover Photo Example

Ten socially savvy companies made LinkedIn’s list of top 2012 company page performers.¬†In a recent post on the LinkedIn blog, these companies share their top tips for driving engagement through the LinkedIn company page.

Adobe recommends that companies “add a variety of cover images to reflect a range of business priorities, products, campaigns or events.” That got us thinking — what are some of the creative ways companies are utilizing the cover image? We identified six creative uses of the LinkedIn company page cover image.

Promote an upcoming event

Hubspot LinkedIn

Since you can swap it out regularly, the cover image is a great way to promote upcoming industry events. In the image above, Hubspot plugs its annual inbound marketing conference. Since the “Hubspot” name can be seen in several other places on the company page, it’s not really an issue that it doesn’t appear in this image. Don’t restrict yourself to making the logo or brand name the star of your image.

Highlight your capabilities

Vocus LinkedIn

In this example Vocus also forgoes its brand name, instead putting capabilities front and center. Sure, there’s a products and services tab that goes into great detail, but this image simplifies their specialties straightaway.

Highlight company culture

Threadless LinkedIn

Threadless is pretty notorious in Chicago for its quirky office culture, and they use the LinkedIn cover photo to put that on display. The image is bright, colorful and says a lot about the creativity going on inside the company.

Showcase a new product

Adobe LinkedIn

With the mindset that your cover image isn’t permanent, think about the new or up and coming products you can showcase in your cover image. In the example above Adobe highlights Creative Cloud with a nice visual that pulls the eye to a bit of introductory text.

Plug job opportunities

Disney LinkedIn

If recruitment is the primary goal of your LinkedIn page, highlight that right away using the cover image. In the above example Disney pulls in the logos of some of its iconic brands with the line, “Your story could begin here!” They also use images of employee activities to highlight the Disney¬†employer brand.

Cross-platform social promotion

City Year LinkedIn

Education focused nonprofit City Year uses a hashtag to pull in the spirit of campaigns from other platforms. A quick search for #makebetterhappen shows that the hashtag is widely used by staff, participants and supporters on Twitter and Instagram. And now that Facebook supports hashtags, you can find #makebetterhappen there, too.