4 Ways Subscription Sites are Keeping Guys Engaged on Social

267966_457155904349619_205645677_nAlthough social audiences tend to skew female, we know that there are plenty of social guys out there (just ask the guys over at Gentlemint). Unfortunately for guy-focused brands, guys tend to spend less time and engage less on sites like Facebook than the opposite sex. This makes the challenge of creating interesting, engaging content even more difficult. Some manly brands seem to have cracked the code, however, with posts that generate comments, shares and likes. We took a look at some posts from the folks over at Birchbox man, Dollar Shave Club, Mantry and Trunk Club to see what’s getting guys talking.

Posts with a unique sense of humor.


The posts that tend to get the most attention, regardless of the target audience, are funny posts. Funny photos, funny quotes, funny videos…they all get a lot of shares and ‘likes.’ Dollar Shave Club and Mantry both recognize this and use it well with┬áposts that go beyond the standard of the stereotypical LOLcat. After all, who can resist ‘liking’ a regal portrait of Stallone?

Posts referencing pop culture.


A classic photo like Elvis challenging Muhammad Ali is sure to get likes and comments, just like posting a montage of moments from “The Big Lebowski.” Asking fans to submit their favorite scenes from classic ‘guy’ films or highlighting favorite actors, singers and athletes is a sure way to stir up a discussion (and give you ideas for future posts).

Tips and tricks that are guy-focused

tips tricks

Birchbox Man and Trunk Club do a fantastic job of creating posts centered around helpful tips and tricks that appeal to guy readers. By highlighting employees and regular guys that use their products, approaching skin care tips in funny, creative ways (Get your skin ready for a car commercial?), and giving them gift hints for their significant others

Fun, original multimedia posts.


Original content helps fans associate a personality with your brand, and also gives you the opportunity to connect with fans on a different level. Birchbox Man has created great playlists and videos that give fans a new way to interact with them — guy to guy. Not to mention, they’re inherently shareable.

Of course, what strategies are best for an audience will vary from brand to brand. Using the above examples as a starting point, you’ll be able to test out content and see what works best for your audience. Once you’ve gotten a fair amount of response, you can focus on creating new posts playing off those themes and getting your audience involved.

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