4 Interactive Holiday Content Ideas


As the maxim “content is king” evolves into “interactive content is king,” more and more brands are turning to content that allows their fans to actively participate in their brand story. The holidays provide a great opportunity for brands to create interactive content that is as fun and inspiring as the season itself. While it may be too late to build interactive holiday content for 2014, it’s never too early to start planning for next year. Here are 4 examples of interactive holiday content.

Get Inspired With Interactive Holiday Content

Ikea’s Interactive Holiday Catalog

In 2012, Ikea released a new take on the classic holiday catalog. Every year since, they’ve released an interactive online catalog that allows you to see how furniture might fit in your house, watch video, share products you might want, and a whole lot more. Taking catalogs into a new Millennium is a savvy interactive solution for brands.

JibJab’s Ecards

JibJab‘s entire business model is built around interactive content and their product really shines during the holidays. With interactive features like “elf yourself,” JibJab makes content that tells a story with consumers instead of at them.

Digital Advent Calendars

You might remember Advent calendars from your childhood. Usually, you open a door each day leading up to Christmas, and there’s candy or a small toy inside. Nowadays, Advent calendars have gone digital. Brands can create Advent Calendar apps and websites that allow families to participate with digital prizes (gift cards, coupons, badges etc.)

Play All of the Reindeer Games

Speaking of apps and websites, games are another great way to get your message out during the holidays. Build a game that’s fun, addicting, and tied into your brand that your fans can download, or play online.


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