4 Great Podcasts for Brand Marketers

podcasts for marketers

As a digital marketer, it’s important to stay up-to-date about on the latest marketing techniques, networks and strategies. Although you probably have your favorite blogs that you turn to time and time again, sometimes it’s easier to catch up by listening to podcasts during your daily commute. We’ve searched iTunes and discovered four great podcasts that will help you expand your strategy on a weekly basis.

podcasts for marketersOnline Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

Although she’s had an online presence for quite some time as an expert on Facebook marketing, Amy Porterfield just recently launched her own podcast to deal with social and online marketing in general. From list building to email marketing, Porterfield and her guest experts will weigh in on all aspects of online marketing…and all in about 40 minutes! Listen to her podcast here.

podcasts for marketersMobile Mixed Podcast

Does your mobile strategy need some serious help? Enter Greg Hickman and the Mobile Mixed Podcast. Every week, Hickman and his expert friends discuss the ins and outs of mobile marketing, from metrics to the power of click to call to the advantages of podcasting. What’s more, the Mobile Mixed site offers video versions of the podcast episodes and links to all the products mentioned in a particular episode, making it easy for you to start implementing his suggestions immediately. Check it out here.

podcasts for marketersFive Minute Video Marketing with Tyrone and Justin

Got five minutes? Then you have enough time to brush up on your video marketing skills. In this video podcast, Tyrone and Justin walk you through simple suggestions that will help boost your YouTube SEO and your video’s visibility. Don’t understand backlinks? Tyrone and Justin have you covered. Need to monetize your YouTube videos? They can help with that, too. And the walk-through nature of the videos makes it easy for you to implement changes immediately. Watch an episode or two here.

podcasts for marketersSocial Business Unplugged

If you’re pressed for time, Neal Schaffer’s Social Business Unplugged is another great podcast to have on hand. Clocking in at about 10 minutes, Schaffer’s episodes are meant to get to the point and get you implementing the best strategy for your brand as soon as possible. Whether it’s assuring listeners that Google Plus is a critical element of every social media strategy, or bluntly laying out the five components of a bad social strategy, Schaffer is set on getting his listeners headed in the right direction for their brand. Check out his advice here.

Have you found some other great marketing podcasts? Share them with us in the comments below! And if you’re thinking about adding podcast sponsorship to your digital marketing strategy, check out our podcast marketing guide.