4 Brands Making Mini Marketing Masterpieces on Vine

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A few weeks ago we featured three brands that were taking the challenge of Vine and creating fun, interesting, and brand-centric videos. Now that more brands have found their footing with the mini-vid network, we thought we would go searching for more brands that are using the space creatively and cleverly. Here’s what we found.

Old Spice

It’s a fact: Old Spice has turned itself into the master of viral marketing, creating memorable characters and commercials that live on long after their TV spots have ended. Now, with Vine, the brand is making the jump and taking some of those beloved characters to the 6 second video space. Mr. Wolfdog, the former director of Marketing for Old Spice, rose to fame with a week-long campaign, and that fame was extended with some fun Vine videos.

Free People

To help celebrate the launch of their henna sets, Free People released a Vine vid showing and elapsed henna application session, as well as the result. Not only is it creative, it’s also fast-paced, promotes the product in an attractive way, and makes great use of the video length restrictions.

Urban Outfitters

Brand-centric? Not really, but who can resist a humorous mini-vid? Urban Outfitters is celebrating the release of “Jurassic Park” in 3D by recreating one of the movie’s most iconic scenes. The video is fun and shareable, which could help get it in front of potential customers who may not know about or don’t frequent Urban Outfitters.

Pepsi Next

Pepsi Next has mastered the art of creating excellent stop-motion videos that acknowledge and celebrate holidays, while keeping their product front and center. Of course, Valentine’s Day gave the brand an excellent opportunity to create a fun themed video, but the creative team even found inspiration in the start of Daylight Savings Time.

Revisit our past favorite brand contributions to Vine here, or suggest your favorites in the comments below.