3 Ways to Reward Super Fans Without Spending a Dime

reward super fans crm

We recently discussed how you can tap one of your most reasonable resources (your super fans) and use them to help advocate your brand. If you’ve found and identified some of your brand’s biggest supporters, it might be time to reward them for their efforts. But how can you recognize them for their work? We’ve got a few ideas to show your customers some love without spending a dime.

Let them know you see their work.

Showing appreciation for someone else’s efforts can go a long way towards building a solid brand-customer relationship. Luckily, thanks to the nature of social media, it’s easier than ever to illustrate your appreciation and do it immediately. If you notice that a particular follower or fan consistently shares your products or posts with their own social circle, send them a simple ‘Thank you.’ It’s quick and simple, but it does so much towards building an image for your brand that respects and appreciates its fans.

Be willing to share content from them across your own social stream.

Depending on what industry you’re in, and what industry your fan is in, they might have useful news, posts and ideas to share. If you’ve engaged with them on several occasions, go ahead and follow their account and keep an eye out of content that you think your audience would like to see. Retweet or share (with credit) any of that applicable content. Not only will you be feeding your own social calendar, you’ll be giving them a boost in visibility by sharing them with your audience as a whole.

Be willing to give endorsements or recommendations on LinkedIn.

Suggested by Jim Williams of Influitive in a recent webinar, this practice really applies to your core group of super fans that you’ve created, and depends heavily on what industry you’re in. If it’s doable for your brand, though, connecting with those super fans across sites like LinkedIn, and being prepared to give them endorsements or recommendations, can be a great way to show appreciation. For example, if one of your super fans/super users of your software is in the tech industry himself, and has continually provided you with feedback that has led to improvements in your own product, giving him a simple recommendation or endorsement on LinkedIn will boost his visibility while demonstrating your appreciation. Be judicious in giving these recommendations, though, or they’ll lose their impact.

Need help in identifying these super fans before you can reward them? Check out our guide to identifying these brand advocates.