Searching for Super Fans (And How to Make the Most of Them)

super fan crm

Customers who connect with you across the digital space can be an excellent resource for opinions and information, but it can be hard to connect with them when you really need them. Rather than reaching out to your social audience as a whole, you should connect with your core group of super fans. How do you identify this group of brand advocates? With a little homework and a little organization. Here’s how to tap this awesome brand-focused resource.

Identify & keep track of your super fans across all of your brand pages.

As soon as you become aware of the people sharing, liking, providing feedback and commenting on your content, you’ll probably begin to notice the same names and faces popping up. Take note of them. Make a list of their social handles and emails (if available). You can start small, perhaps by just choosing 10 of the supporters you’ve noticed the most, and then revisit the list monthly, adding new super fans as you see fit.

Invite them to join an exclusive list.

Although you could probably add them to your inner circle list immediately, do them the courtesy of asking if they’re okay with it first. Let them know what they may be asked to do (e.g. weigh in on user experience with your product) and how often you anticipate contacting them. Letting them know ahead of time, and giving them an out if they aren’t interested, will ensure that they look forward to your messages, rather than dread or ignore them.

Ask them for help as needed.

Once you’ve created this team of ready-to-go super fans, make sure to refer to them and don’t be afraid to ask for their assistance. If you’re met with a challenge, see if you can get their input and help to make it a more manageable task. Need material for a presentation? Ask if they’d be willing to submit a short video saying why they love your product. Whether it’s very business-related, or more fun, don’t be afraid to use them for the valuable resource that they are.

Looking to tap the resource that is your super fans? Source user-generated content or encourage customers to write product reviews with our helpful guides.