3 Ways to Ensure a Mobile-Friendly Facebook Sweepstakes

mobile-friendly facebook

Optimizing Facebook posts for mobile users is incredibly important — after all, the social giant passed 1 billion mobile users in Q1 for 2014, and that represents a huge potential audience that you could alienate with non-mobile friendly posts. While normal post optimization is more important, even more important is ensuring that your sweepstakes and contest posts are also easy to navigate on mobile. How can you ensure you get the most participants possible? Use these tips to create a mobile-friendly Facebook sweepstakes and open up your promo to more users.

Include your CTA and description “above the fold.”


This is important for desktop and mobile users alike. Although you may not be able to avoid a lengthy text status (especially if you have to lay the ground rules for the promotion), you should make sure that your call-to-action and a brief description of the contest and prize are “above the fold.” If the description gets too lengthy, and the important details are hidden until the user expands the post, there’s a good chance that potential participant won’t give it a second look. Put the important details first!

Make sure the url is easy to find and tap.


If you’re directing users away from Facebook, or to an app within Facebook, in order to enter the sweepstakes, make sure that your destination url is shortened and listed above the fold. If it is one of the first things mentioned in the text, it will be easier for mobile users to see it, as well as tap on it. If you want entrants, make sure it’s as easy as possible for users to submit that entry.

Test using a link post rather than a picture post.


We know that posts with images attract more attention and, generally, see greater engagement. If you’re looking for users to be directed to a specific link to enter a sweepstakes, however, you might want to test using a link post. Link posts have gotten more visually appealing and more effective over time, which may make them a good option for your promotion. A link post also gives mobile users a larger surface area to tap on, giving them increased odds of getting redirected correctly. This makes the entry process easier and reduces confusion and frustration.

Have you discovered other tips and tricks to push your promotion in the social sphere? Share them with us in the comments below!