3 Easy to Miss Facebook Insights (And How to Use Them)

facebook insights

Since being introduced earlier this summer, the new Facebook Insights have given brand marketers access to new valuable statistics and data. From where fans are located, to when they’re online, Insights have helped marketers understand and engage with their audience more effectively. Still, there are some bits of data that are easy to overlook, even though they can be valuable to your efforts. We’ve identified three easy-to-miss Facebook Insights and how your brand can use them.

Page and Tab Visits

facebook insights

Understanding which elements of your Facebook page get visited the most can help you for a few reasons. Most notably, it can help you identify areas for improvement. If there are elements on your page that visitors are visiting on a regular basis, perhaps your info tab, there’s a good chance that there’s specific information people are looking for. Are you providing it? Is there a better way you can provide or promote it? Identifying oft-visited tabs and elements can help identify user intent.

External Referrers

facebook insights

Where are your visitors coming from? Are there specific sites sending people your way? Seeing your traffic sources can help you identify where you should and shouldn’t be placing your promotion efforts, as well as identify potential partnerships. Is there a blogger who promotes your brand that you weren’t aware of? It might be time to strike up a social media partnership or a brand ambassador relationship.

Other Page Activity

facebook insights

Engagement can come in a variety of ways. Sure, you posts pictures and links hoping to get ‘likes’ and ‘comments,’ but are there other equally meaningful ways that fans are interacting with your page? Seeing the number of check-ins, mentions or timeline posts your page is receiving from fans can help inspire new engagement tactics, like requesting visitor check-ins. It can also tip you off to activities that you should be paying closer attention to.

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