2 Services to Help Collect, Select User-Generated Content

collecting user generated content

A 2012 study by BazzarVoice found that 84% of Millennials report user-generated content has at least some influence on what they buy. More and more brands are launching user-generated content campaigns, but it can be a difficult task reviewing all the entries after the deadline passes. If the work involved in the review time is causing you to hesitate, we’ve found a couple of services that might help that looming task a little easier to manage.


collecting user generated content pixlee

If your user-generated content campaign is focused on collecting photos from fans and customers, you might want to look into Pixlee. The service allows you to collect photos marked with a specific hashtag from a list of sources and view them all in one place, rather than hunting for them on individual social networks. It also allows you to review and choose the ones you like most, rather than requiring you to hunt down specific entries after the fact.


collecting user generated content sendus

If you’re looking for videos instead, check out SendUs. SendUs puts out a call to action, allowing fans and customers to submit previously recorded videos or even create videos on the spot with their webcam. Like Pixlee, the video submissions can all be viewed and reviewed in one post, making the task a little easier.

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