14 Business Apps You NEED

business apps

The amount of people who own a smartphone has rapidly increased over the last few years and the numbers are still growing at a great pace. Not only do individuals carry intellectual mobile phones, businesses are providing their staff members with smartphones so they can do business on the go. Smartphones have great benefits for businesses; from organizing and storing data to being able to provide directions to meetings, these phones have become a necessity.  For those struggling to understand how beneficial this technology can be for their company, here are some apps you need to try.

Calendar & Calculator

Starting off with the basics; once you own a smartphone you’ll be surprised how much you use these and how much time they save you.


It’s a note taking app where you can store all your notes, research, images and web pages. You can also keep all your travel information on there including itineraries and maps, great for when you need to visit clients. The best part of it all, you can share all this pretty easily with others; useful for meetings and updating colleagues on projects. I know this article focuses on businesses but if you have any student relatives, recommend it to them as it’s useful for studying purposes also.


It allows you to run Microsoft Office apps for free on Android and Apple devices. You can use Word, PowerPoint or Excel to create and share information, and it’s free! This app is that useful for obvious reasons that it has been reviewed by major newspapers and technology sites.


LinkedIn is now the business social media. You can advertise jobs, look for employees, communicate with industry experts and advertise your business. You can access the app on most smartphones and this will help your business stay up to date with the latest news and events in your niche, whilst also spying on your competitors.


Does your business have social media accounts? Hootsuite allows you to schedule your posts ahead of time, and makes it easier to see all messages and mentions directed to your brand. Really useful for keeping your business on top.

Audio Memos

This allows you to record meetings and interviews, and upload them to Dropbox for social sharing. Incredibly useful and relatively cheap to purchase.


LinkedIn created a business card reader; after scanning business card information puts the contact in your phone book and connects with them on LinkedIn.

Mileage Tracker

It tracks your mileage and puts a price tag next to it so your company can see how much they exactly need to reimburse you for. Quick, easy and crucial if you do a lot of traveling.

Flight Track

If you fly a lot, check out Flight Track as this gives you all your flight information, even down to delays and cancellations.


Business meetings, conference calls; Skype has kept people communicated for years and it’s so well known and reliable that you can trust it for your business calls.


LogMeIn allows you to access your documents on your computer; amazingly helpful for when your need that data for the meeting and you left it in the office. You can also link it with Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Docs and other cloud storage software for your convenience. You never have to blag it again as you don’t have to worry about leaving files behind. Unfortunately, it can’t remind you where you stored those old family albums or Grandma’s china, you’ll have to find storage containers for sale to manage that feat.


Keeps track of all your business expenses and you can take images of receipts so you don’t have to take a wallet full of paper back to the office, well unless you seal a business deal.


I’ve shown you, with the apps listed, that you can access a lot of data and information on your phone. The only problem is you need to remember a lot of passwords right? Wrong. Lastpass is an app that does the hard work for you. These are the main business apps that will cover a lot of your needs. Make the most of your smartphone as it will be your best friend. The business world is going digital and you need to be interactive on the move; business mobile phones are the answer if you don’t want to be left behind.