What Are Users Searching For When They Use Social?

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Does your brand revolve around cooking, food, nutrition or fitness? Then you’re in luck! According to a new study by Azntaiji Multimedia and SocialRadius, most Facebook searches are about those four topics. Of course, since there are pages and pages of brands aiming to be the most authoritative across these topics, that means that competition is fierce and it’s getting harder to stand out. How can you make your brand more visible in Facebook searches? Give these four areas a second look the next time you log in.

Your page’s category/subcategory.

Did you set up your Facebook page in a bit of a hurry? It might be a good idea to take a look at your basic information, including your page’s category and subcategory. Ensuring that your page is categorized according to what you do is extremely important…especially if you expect people to find and trust your page and your information. If you’ve pivoted your brand’s goals since creating your page, you should give it a second look to make sure it accurately represents what you do now.

Your page/brand’s description.

Again, you may have written this with little thought, but now is the time to spruce it up and toss in keywords that reflect what people are looking for from you. If you’re a fitness center, come out and say it first thing. Use that description box to tell newcomers about you while also helping them find you in the sea of Facebook pages in the first place.

Your photo descriptions.

Pictures linking to tutorials, workout videos and healthy recipes are becoming hot content for fitness/health-focused brands to share across Facebook. It’s great content, but make sure that it’s accompanied by text that not only makes it easier for people to understand what it is, but also makes it easier for people to find while searching — especially if they are looking for something very specific (e.g. ‘salmon recipe’ or ‘exercises for abs’).

Your content.

Remember, at the heart of all of this needs to be great content. After all, that is what searchers are looking for — great content that is related to their interests. Include a visual component (e.g. someone doing the workout you’re referencing, a finished dish of the recipe you’re sharing), and then be sure to describe what it is, using keywords that could help people find it and want to learn more. Of course, you still want to get fans and followers engaging with you, so if you give prompts (“Share…” or “Like…”) save it for the end of the post.

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