Pink Headphones Roundup: Go Pink or Go Home

Pink headphones make a statement, and sometimes that’s exactly what a girl needs. But we’re not talking about sissy kid stuff. We scoured the web for badass, rocking out, devil may care pink headphones. Happy shopping, fellow pink enthusiasts!

Whether you are looking for wood grain headphones or wireless earbuds we’ve got you covered. Our audio team is on deck to find the most interesting audio devices and show you only the best. We also provide links straight to the best price on Amazon.com.

1. Pink headphones with brushed aluminum and leather from Ghostek

pink headphonesBest price available on Amazon.com with free Prime shipping

Ohhhhhh my… These beauties are a girl’s best friend, and while they come at the higher end of the price spectrum, there are no better over ear pink headphones on the market today. They’ve got great sound and a great look. I love the noise reduction technology, Bluetooth for wireless connectivity, and the sleek, from the future design. These pink headphones are really the whole package. Ghostek frequently offers sales or discounts on multiple orders, and if pink isn’t your thing these do come in a few other color options.

2. Pink Beats by Dre delivers pro sound at a pro price

pink Beats by DreBest price available on Amazon.com with free Prime shipping

The latest pink Beats by Dre come in a close second to Ghostek’s pink headphones. Everything I love about Beats is here including a new, lighter weight style and richest bass in the game. Pink Beats by Dre also come with a Beats price tag (spoiler alert: they aren’t cheap). There are some really cool features like Daisy Chain which allows you to listen to music with friends and RemoteTalk in cord mic and call answering system. Another important note is that the pink Beats by Dre are wired, meaning Bluetooth is not an option. Some prefer not dealing with batteries and charging. And for this level of sound quality you do need a cord.

3. Pink earbuds from Symphonized include a more refined build

pink earbudsBest price available on Amazon.com with free Prime shipping

Symphonized has been on our radar for the last year due to their continued innovation in the earbuds space. Their NRG pink earbuds come with wood accents and are quite elegant, if I do say so myself. If you’re a classy gal that wants to be a little more discreet with her pink predilections these may do the trick. They aren’t remarkable in sound quality or design other than the aesthetic touches. They might be a good backup option incase over ear isn’t doable. And with water resistance built in, may be great for working out too.

4. Skullcandy Uprock pink headphones bring limited – but good enough – quality to the pink game

best pink headphonesBest price available on Amazon.com with free Prime shipping

Skullcandy has always capitalized on the success of more expensive brands, and these pink headphones are no different. In stark contrast to the pink Beats by Dre, Uprocks deliver a “good enough” sound quality and a very plastic, chintzy-feeling design. If that doesn’t bother you, then you’ll have wallet bragging rights when comparing cost. Hell, you could buy a new wallet with the difference between Skullcandy and Beats or Ghostek. Summary: These are OK if you don’t care about audio quality and price is a big issue.

That’s it fellow pink lovers. Don’t forget to check out other hot lists like the best noise cancelling earbuds, too. Our best of list should have something for everybody, but if I missed a product you think should be here please let me know!