Key Takeaways from Twitter’s New Layout


Have you checked Channing Tatum‘s Twitter profile today?

Channing Tatum Twitter

Well even if you hadn’t, the big news is that it looks a lot like his Facebook profile.

Channing Tatum Facebook

Pretty soon all Twitter users will see the new design on their own accounts. For now, only a few major celebrities and all new users have it. For more examples, take a look the new profiles forĀ Kerry Washington, Michelle Obama, and Zac Efron.

In addition to the new design, Twitter will now feature pinned tweets, best tweets, and filtered tweets.

So, what are the most important aspects to note with the new Twitter design?

Images are important.

Essentially, Twitter is attempting to appeal to new users with more visually-appealing content. All images are bigger in the new design: bio, header, tweet, etc. As you adapt your creative for the new layout, take note that the header image is now 1500 x 500 pixels. Also, there is no longer a customizable background, so all branding must be done in the header and bio images. Images in the newsfeed will be bigger and appear automatically, as well.

Key dimensions:

  • Header image: 1500×500
  • Bio image: 400×400

Some tweets are more popular than others.

Not all tweets are gold. Your best tweets will show up larger than other tweets, making it easier for others to see the best of your content. This is especially beneficial to brands who are just starting to build on Twitter, as potential followers can get a better gist of the brand right away.

Filters, Followers, and Following are different.

Now users can filter tweets by tweets with photos/videos or tweets with replies or tweets. Photos/videos display the full tweets in a grid format. Following/Follower pages also appear in a grid format, allowing users to see each bio as they scroll.

Twitter layout

As the new layout starts to affect all users, it will be helpful to plan ahead and start to adjust header images, and plan for larger image posts.

What are your thoughts on the new Twitter layout design? Let us know in the comments.