2 Options to Incorporate Careers Info into Your Brand’s Facebook Page

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Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites can provide plenty of opportunities to recruit new employees. Users suddenly have the ability to follow a brand and its job openings in real time, or share openings with a friend or family member by just clicking a button. The trick to effective social media recruiting, though, is learning how to balance recruitment with regular brand-related social content. Essentially, there are two main ways to achieve this. 1) A separate career page maintained by the brand or 2) incorporating recruiting elements into the greater brand page.

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An effective Facebook careers page shares job opportunities as soon as they become available, features posts focused on the company’s growth and work environment, and often highlights exceptional current employees. It’s not a resource that a brand’s everyday consumer would necessarily find useful, but it can provide potential employees with some great insider information. If your brand or company has the size to justify dedicated an entire social presence to careers, and can create the engaging content to keep it from becoming a ghost town in the down times, it might be worth considering. Brands like Whole Foods, Home Depot, Disney and Dell all have the size, interest and content to bolster their careers pages and keep them from becoming deserted. They also have social teams who dedicate their time to maintaining this one presence.

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If you don’t have the resources to share or dedicated to a separate careers-only social presence, consider incorporating it into your current Facebook profile.¬†Gap does an excellent job of this. While they include occasional posts dedicated to “We’re hiring!” messaging, most of the time users can just learn about opportunities through the specialized “careers” tab and app. Having this material separated from the rest of the brand’s posts allows job seekers to find what they need without annoying or frustrating normal consumers and fans. With only one profile to maintain, it also makes it easier for the social team to manage.

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