The Best Days for Facebook Posts According to Your Industry

facebook featEver since the introduction of the Facebook brand page, there’s been a lot of discussion about the best days and times to schedule posts. The truth is, it’s difficult to make accurate assertions when the interaction and engagement rates vary so much from industry to industry. Linchpin SEO recently dug into brand and fan interactions and found the best days to post on Facebook according to a brand’s industry. Here’s what they found:

Advertising & Consulting

If you’re in the advertising/consulting industry, aim to schedule posts on the weekends. Posts on Saturdays and Sundays have a whopping 69% higher interaction, but only 11% of posts are actually made on the weekend.


Weekends are an untapped resource. They boast 15% greater interaction rates than weekdays, but only 14% of automotive brands are currently using this strategy.

Clothing & Fashion

Clothing and fashion brands always receive a great amount of interaction from fans. That interaction actually steadily increases through week, peaking on Thursdays (13% greater interaction than average). Saturdays also boast above average interaction, making them a great time to engage your fashionistas.


When people have days off, they’re more likely to seek out entertainment. The research found that weekends boast 20% higher interaction than weekdays. Saturdays alone boast a 17% greater engagement.


Oddly enough, the one day that banks are closed is that day that fans interact with them the most on Facebook. Interaction rates are 29% greater on Sundays, but only 4% of finance posts are scheduled for Sundays.

Health & Beauty

With interactions 11% and 12% above average, Sunday and Monday are the best days for health and beauty brands to interact.


Weekends are the days when people are most likely to volunteer, so it’s no surprise that weekend posts have a 14% greater interaction rate.


Technophiles use Mondays to catch up with their favorite brands, so Mondays posts see 30% greater interaction than other posts.

Now that you know the best days to post for your brand, brush up on some other Facebook posting techniques with our Facebook marketing guide.