Tailwind Acquires PinReach: What You Need to Know

tailwind acquire pinreach

Not-so breaking news: Tailwind acquires PinReach! If, like me, you signed up for a PinReach account to help you analyze your Pinterest account activity, you’ve probably received an email detailing the news. So, what does this acquisition mean for users?

tailwind acquires pinreach

Although Tailwind is offering PinReach users Pinterest analysis, it’s doing so at a price. PinReach was free (which ultimately led to the site being put up for auction back in 2012), but Tailwind offers its services with a price tag. Grandfathered PinReach users can get a free account, but the analytics are severely limited, particularly in terms of period of time analyzed and peak days and times. In order to unlock these services, users must choose a subscription plan, starting at $29 a month.

Ultimately, it will be up to each individual PinReacher to decide if Tailwind is worth the price tag or not, but interested users can enroll in a 14-day free trial to help them make the decision.

Rather not pay the extra bucks? Check out some free Pinterest analysis and scheduling tools here.