Best Twitter Moments of #SB48

super bowl

As Twitter has become the second-screen for many TV viewers, more brands are capitalizing on the trend. The Super Bowl brings a unique mix of second-screen interactions to Twitter, from Super Bowl commercial reviews to great game moments to epic brand successes…and failures. Twitter was so popular during this year’s game that it garnered 24.9 million tweets, up over 3% from last year. Here are our favorite Twitter moments for this year’s Super Bowl:


Taking a bit of a jab at FOX, Hillary joined in the Super Bowl conversation with a bit of humor. While not necessarily a brand, politicians can advance their personal brands quite well through the Twitterverse.


As the clear winner of last year’s Super Bowl tweets, Oreo gracefully bowed out of the RTM (real-time marketing) mix this year and went dark. Smart move, especially when so many brands tried entirely too hard to recreate an Oreo moment. Special moments can’t be recreated, and Oreo knows this very well.


DiGiorno is a great example of continuous RTM efforts. Though not all are winners, DiGiorno’s tweets are never too outrageous or too boring to go unnoticed. The brand drew a great parallel during the game, comparing it to being done after 20 minutes – just like a DiGiorno pizza. Sorry, Super Bowl, DiGiorno burned you good.


And of course the biggest news came right after the Super Bowl, with Esurance’s commercial featuring John Krasinski. By airing the commercial right after the Super Bowl, Esurance saved $1.5 million, that will now be awarded to a consumer who tweets #EsuranceSave30. This is the most money that has ever been awarded in a Twitter sweepstakes, and garnered over 200,000 tweet entries within the first minute. This is a big moment for Twitter; and we can only expect to see more stunts like this in the future.

What were your favorite Twitter moments of the Super Bowl? For more reading on real-time marketing, check out our RTM resolutions for 2014.