Songza Brings Concierge Feature to Android

Android users are accustomed to waiting on apps, and features within apps, to come along later than iPhone counterparts, but at least tthe Songza wait is over.

Songza, the music service that specializes in providing playlists specifically tailored to days, times, or activities (and an office mainstay here at lonelybrand HQ), is now fully functional with its “Concierge” system on Android. Essentially, this means it’s now much more worth using on Android devices. Whereas previously there were some bugs and Android users were working with a limited version of the service, the updated app is much more mobile-friendly. It’s also optimized for Android 4.0, so even if you don’t have Ice Cream Sandwich on your device, you’ll get the nice ICS user experience regardless.

The new version of the Android app also lets you control volume when the phone is locked, and as the Google Play page says, all those pesky bugs that were persistent in the last version have been dealt with as well. In our experience, that holds true.

If you’re an Android user who left Songza behind on mobile after being previously unimpressed with the app, check out the new version and let us know your thoughts.