SocialRank Makes Finding Twitter-Based Brand Advocates Easy

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Engaging with your brand’s followers on a deeper level has become a bit of a challenge. While you can try to keep track of your most engaged followers and fans manually, it’s a tedious and imperfect system. Now, SocialRank has opened up the ability to search and measure your Twitter followers quickly and easily.

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With its new mobile and web app, SocialRank allows brands and users to analyze their accounts and search and filter through their followers. Just a few clicks can help users identify the brand influencers among their followers, the potential brand advocates and the local fans. Once they’ve signed up, users can sort through their followers according to location, engagement, number of followers, bio keyword, and even activity or organization.

How can your brand put this tool to use immediately?

Identify potential brand advocates

Using the “Sort by” feature, sort your followers according to engagement. Your followers who most consistently engage with you (either through direct Twitter conversation, or through favorites and retweets) will then be separated from the rest of the bunch. Using this strategy you can easily sort out users who could serve your brand well as brand advocates. Being to engage them directly and see what they could offer your brand in terms of feedback, growth and more.

Identify your “biggest” followers

You’ve probably got a few stand out followers who have more than their fair share of followers. Use this to your advantage. Sort your followers according to number of followers. Then, strategically reach out to these followers for retweets and shares when it would be most beneficial  (for example, if you’re hosting a contest or sweepstakes). Just be sure to do this strategically and present it in a mutually beneficial fashion. If they’ll see some benefit from it, they’ll be more likely to do it.

Identify local followers

Local events can be hard to build interest around, especially if your brand primarily exists in the digital space. Sort your followers by location and begin making note of who lives where. If a local event springs up, you’ll be able to target those users directly, and even invite them to get involved spreading the word.