Social Logins: What’s Most Popular Among Users?

social logins, facebook, twitter, google, yahooMany e-commerce, entertainment and media sites have adopted social logins to make it easier to gain, keep and engage users. By using a social login, not only is it easier for users to remember and use the account in question, it is also easier for them to share purchases, songs, videos and other shareable content with their friends. Although it is best to offer a variety of services through which a user may log in, a recent study conducted by Janrain found that, among other things, one social network consistently ranks as the most popular social login. Here are the essentials from the study:

  • At 45%, Facebook remains the most popular network used for social logins for retail, music, media and entertainment/gaming sites
  • Google and Yahoo! still rank above other networks like Twitter and Windows Live
  • Facebook remains on top for mobile social login at 49%
  • Google ranks behind Facebook for mobile at 25%
  • Although Facebook reigns supreme, the vast majority of users would still rather user another social network for login purposes

Are you a site that invites users to make purchases, etc. by using a social login? Do you offer network options or do you limit users’ choices? Share your experiences using social logins with us!