Six Months In, Google Plus Brand Pages Going Strong

Google Plus brand pages have been around for six months now, and despite what seems like widespread lack of faith in the platform among brands and would-be users, things seem to be looking up. A new report from Simply Measured takes a look at how Google Plus users are engaging with brand pages on the platform six months in. The study examines engagement for the Interbrand 100.

First off, individuals seem to be circling brands at an increasing rate. The chart below shows a steady uptick in circlers for Interbrand 100 pages.

google plus, G+, interbrand 100 pages

Although it hasn’t caught up to competitors Facebook and Twitter by a long shot, average content engagement on Google Plus has grown 65% since February. The most popular form of engagement seems to be reshares, followed by comments and +1s.

google plus, G+, interbrand 100 pages, brand engagement

Photos drive more engagement than any other content type, and by no small margin. Engagement is over three and a half times higher for photos than for articles and videos. And with Google Plus’ recent visual updates, the importance of visual media is only expected to grow. Not surprisingly, plain old text-based posts get the least attention.

google plus, G+, interbrand 100 pages, brand engagement

Overall, it looks like Google Plus users are engaging with brands and eager to share quality brand content with members of their networks. As far as strategy, photos are an extremely effective engagement tool on the burgeoning network.

Have you witnessed any of these upward trends, or are you still a Google Plus brand page skeptic?