Six In Ten Social Media Users Location Tag Posts

Location tagging is one that the big three social networks have in common – regardless of minute differences in platforms, users are now publicly sharing their location on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus more than ever before. While this tendency may prove to be a security issue for the rich and famous (Michael Dell’s daughter, Rich Kids of Instagram and the like), it’s just one more digital data point for marketers to capitalize on.

According to a Q2 2012 study by JiWire, more than six in 10 social media users location-tagged their status updates, photo uploads or other posts.

Geo Tagging Statistics

Data shows that age is a major influencer when it comes to location tags – the younger the user, the more likely they are to share their location. Of those 24 years of age and younger, 75% location tag their social media posts and photos, versus just 44% of users 55 and older. Overall, 62% of social media users use location tags for posts and photos.

Geo Tagging Statistics

As far as platforms go, Facebook seems to be the most popular, but a significant number of Google Plus and Twitter users add location tags to posts. This study took place before Instagram‘s recent Photo Maps update, and I would venture to guess that the novelty of this location-based system of organization will cause a major bump in image tagging.

Instagram Photo Map

Overall, it looks like most people tag their location in order to notify friends and family of where they are. Another 31% said they location tag their posts simply because social sites make it so easy.

Geo Tagging Statistics

With such high adoption rates for geo tagging and technology that makes the action easier than ever, location-based marketing is a wide open space for brands looking to connect with consumers and influencers. How is your brand using location-based data to get in touch with audiences?