Show Your Customers You Care with Year-End Loyalty Events


In a way, marketing is about starting a conversation. You want to engage people with your brand so that you can demonstrate the benefits your brand brings to the table. If your marketing is successful, you’ll also be able to count on others to start conversations of their own, providing valuable word-of-mouth recommendations. Providing high-quality products and services is a reliable way to get people talking but sometimes that isn’t enough. Showing your customers that you care about them can make quite the impression. An excellent way to do this is to provide some form of loyalty rewards and the end of the year is a great opportunity to do so.

Loyalty Program Inspiration

In Person Events

If you’re looking for a special touch that allows you to thank your customers in person, a party with corporate catering can be a memorable event. Pulling out all of the stops for your customers via an effort such as a corporate catering party will definitely get your customers talking, showing them how much you value their business. If you decide to host such an event, it can be a wise investment to allow customers to bring guests of their choice, possibly expanding your customer base if new faces are brought into the fold. You should know a few things about planning a corporate event as a small business. This tip is courtesy of Noosh Catering in Brisbane, AU. Noosh Catering can be found online at http://nooshcatering.com.au.

Online Outreach

Of course, in-person events to honor loyal customers are not an option for every company. If your customer base is spread out over a large geographic area or if you want to make an investment more directly aligned to building business, online outreach efforts may be more appropriate. For example, offering exclusive discounts for loyal customers at the end of the year can make these individuals feel valued and also help drive sales. The holidays are always a big time for spending, so you can offer your valued customers a way to stretch their paychecks during this time of year.

Because spending at the end of the year tends to be on gifts for others, encouraging your customers to purchase your products for others will help expose more people to your products. In this way, your existing customers will feel valued and you will expand your new customer base as well. Such an effort can be easy to administrate, as you can accomplish it easily by simply mailing or emailing an exclusive discount codes to certain customers.

If you prefer something more extensive and impressive, you can also invite particularly valued customers to access an exclusive, members-only area of your website. The exclusive nature of the invitation demonstrates the value you place on these customer relationships and your customers can derive value from the exclusive news, offers, sales, or other content you decide to place on the exclusive site or area of your existing website. While this can be a little more difficult to orchestrate than simply providing a discount code to customers, it is less expensive and less involved than throwing an elaborate, in-person event for your loyal customers. In addition, it will provide a direct monetary benefit to your customers and will help drive sales.

Of course, there is a nearly limitless array of options for treating your valued customers to a year-end show of appreciation. Ultimately, the most important consideration is what will be best for them, because no matter how much effort you put in, if your customers do not feel appreciated, you’ve missed the mark.