Shoutlet Announces Foursquare Integration, but Is It Necessary?

social media marketing with foursquare

If tracking foursquare activity has been the bane of your social media marketing existence, get ready for some relief. Shoutlet has announced the integration of foursquare into its 5.0 platform.

This new integration will allow marketers to track details like check-ins, mayorships, photos and tips. It will also allow users to monitor venue activity and visitor demographics, and allow users to manage and schedule specials. Shoutlet also promises users the ability to set up social metrics to create additional location-based specials or announcements on Facebook or Twitter, but this feature isn’t yet available. The fact that Shoutlet also allows users to post and track engagement on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube is an added bonus.

No doubt this comes as welcome news to marketers working closely with clients with check-in-based incentives, but whether or not foursquare needs to be adopted in every restaurant or bar’s marketing strategy is still a point of contention. QSR Web has done so far as to call check-in apps the phenomenon that never happened. According to their research, only 3% of Americans have ever used a check-in app, and 74% are completely unfamiliar with the concept.

What are your thoughts? Is Shoutlet’s 5.0 platform an essential tool your team has been waiting for? Is it largely unnecessary because of the small percentage of Americans that actually use check-in apps? Will check-in apps have their day?

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