Sepia-Toned Sales: 6 Ways to Help Convert Instagram Views to Purchases

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The folks at Shopify recently wondered which social networks are the best for brands in terms of sales. Although the research found (to no one’s surprise) that Facebook is the leader in the arena, there was one major surprise — Instagram is becoming a true contender.

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In terms of average order value, Instagram ranks number two, just behind Polyvore, and well ahead of Facebook. With an average $65.00 spent per order, Instagram spurred purchases are certainly nothing to sneeze at. The lack of purchasing ability on Instagram, however, can pose a major problem for brands. So, how can you take advantage of the selling power of Instagram and stay within its restrictions?

Include a clickable link in your account’s profile bio.

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The only clickable links Instagram permits are those that are included in your account’s bio — make sure you take advantage of this. This is going to be the easiest way to direct followers to your site, so make sure that you remember to include that all-important url.

Give clear CTAs.

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¬†You can’t give followers a direct, clickable link to your products. So, to inspire conversion, make sure to include a clear call-to-action alongside your excellent product shots. If something is available one day only, clearly communicate that urgency in your post.

Include enough information.

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Chances are, after your followers see a product in your feed, they’ll run to your main site to try and find it. Make sure they have enough information to do so. Rather than making them sort through the entire pants section, tell them specifically that the pants featured are, in this case, the Pixie Pant. It will keep them from getting frustrated and boost your chances of conversion.

Share deals and promo codes.

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Spread your coupon and promo codes to your Instagram followers, too. Just make sure that the codes are short and easy to remember — the longer and more complicated they are, the harder it will be for customers to remember and redeem them.

Direct them with shortened, direct links.

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If you’re directing them to a specific link, make sure you explicitly state what the link is — and make sure it’s short and straightforward, especially if your followers can’t copy and paste it.

Use links that are easy to copy and paste.

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If you feel the need to include links in your posts, then make sure that your followers will be able to easily copy and paste them. The easier it is, the greater the chances of a sale.

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