Scott Stratten on Email Marketing: It’s About What, Not When


“I’d rather have 1,000 email addresses than 10,000 Twitter followers,” speaker Scott Stratten told the crowd at yesterday’s MPITechCon, an event focusing on marketing and technology for the events industry.

“Email is still the best communication tool as far as I’m concerned,” Stratten said, explaining that the value in an email is that it is user-decided — subscribers consciously choose to subscribe, open, and ultimately listen to what you have to say. Meanwhile, tweets and Facebook posts flow by in an endless and easily-ignored stream of content.

The Secret to Better CTRs and Open Rates

“You want better CTRs and open rates?” Stratton asked. “Give them better content.” The key to landing in a subscriber’s good graces is respecting their inboxes — emailing not because we can, but because we should.

Email marketing is not as much about time of day or day of week as it is about providing quality content that you, too would want to read. “The best time to send an email out is when you have something to say,” Stratten said. Marketers often get thrown off track thanks to study after study after study about the best time to send emails. 6am on Mondays! 3am – 4am on Wednesdays! But the truth is, these studies don’t matter because they don’t focus on your specific audience. Your audience behaves as only your audience behaves, and ultimately you are the only one who can perform a test that matters.

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