Say Hello To The Google Plus Share Button

Google’s +1 button is lonely no more. Earlier this week Google Plus developers announced the share button, which allows visitors to share content with their circles directly from the source.

Google Plus, G+

The button looks similar to its predecessor, the smaller +1 button. Click the button to share, write a custom message and even choose who you share it with (public, specific names, circles, or email addresses). Once clicked, the button will turn red to indicate successful sharing, but can be clicked again to share with different segments.

To add the Google Plus Share button to your site, grab the code here.

Google Plus, G+

In theory the button is a great addition to the Google Plus arsenal – when users share content with their networks, it’s just as powerful, if not more so, than the virtual high five that is the +1. The question is, is the share button worth the precious real estate on your website? Or are the low numbers at Google Plus discouraging? Will you be adding the Google Plus share button to your site?