Report: Apple might partner with Google to enhance new iPhone AI features using Gemini technology.

Report: Apple might partner with Google to enhance new iPhone AI features using Gemini technology.# Potential AI Supremacy through Apple and Google Coalition

Apple Discussing AI Collaboration Possibility with Google

Apple is allegedly engaging in negotiations with Google to acquire a license for Google’s Gemini model. This AI assistant focuses on language, and Apple hopes to use it to enhance AI features in a future iPhone software update, expected later in 2024. Reports suggest that Apple has held similar discussions with another entity, OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT.

If Google Gemini is successfully integrated into iOS 18, it could bring about a variety of new cloud-based AI-driven features to Apple’s smartphone. These features could include image creation or essay drafting guided by simple prompts. However, the specifics and brand of the agreement have not been solidified and the implementation details are yet to be determined. Any official announcement about the deal is unlikely until the Worldwide Developers Conference hosted by Apple in June.

A Potential Revolution of Siri

Apple’s voice assistant, Siri, often subjected to criticism, could achieve enhancements with Google Gemini. Currently, Siri falls short compared to newer AI assistants backed by large language models (LLMs) regarding comprehension and response to intricate queries. For some time, there have been circulating rumors about Apple’s dissatisfaction with Siri along with potential solutions. Early this year, it was discovered that Apple had been trialing a beta version of iOS 17.4 equipped with OpenAI’s ChatGPT API to power Siri.

Apple’s Independent AI Models

Apple is in the process of building its AI models, which include a large language model named Ajax and a basic chatbot referred to as Apple GPT. However, Apple’s LLM technology is reportedly behind that of its rivals, pushing Apple to consider a partnership with Google or another AI provider.

Google unveiled Gemini in December and has already made several updates. Experts in the industry often consider the larger Gemini models to be equivalent in capability to OpenAI’s GPT-4 Turbo, which powers the subscription versions of ChatGPT.

The Effect on the AI Sector

The potential alliance between Apple and Google could significantly influence the AI industry, given that Apple’s platform spans more than 2 billion active devices globally. If this agreement comes to fruition, it would enhance the existing search partnership between both parties.

Regulators are likely to carefully scrutinize this potential partnership because the companies’ existing search deal is currently a subject of controversy in a lawsuit led by the US Department of Justice. In addition, the European Union is pressuring Apple to simplify the process by which consumers can switch their default search engine away from Google.

Final Thoughts

Given the substantial financial stakes, choosing Google for Apple’s cloud AI duties could cause a significant blow to OpenAI in terms of broad adoption of its technology. However, any such agreements with Google or OpenAI may serve as interim solutions until Apple can raise the performance of its LLM-based AI technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Could you describe Google’s Gemini model?
A1: The Gemini model from Google is a language-focused AI assistant, akin to ChatGPT. It was initially launched in December with several updates implemented since.

Q2: What potential improvements could emerge from integrating Google Gemini into iOS 18?
A2: The integration could potentially unleash a variety of new AI-powered, cloud-based features on Apple’s smartphone. This could include tasks like generating an image or writing an essay based on simple prompts.

Q3: How would the AI sector respond to a potential alliance between Apple and Google?
A3: A potential alliance between Apple and Google could substantially impact the AI sector as Apple’s platform encompasses more than 2 billion active devices globally.

Q4: Why are there concerns that regulators might scrutinize a potential partnership between Apple and Google?
A4: This potential partnership might attract regulatory scrutiny because their current search deal is already a litigation matter led by the US Department of Justice. Moreover, the European Union has been exerting pressure on Apple to simplify the process of switching the default search engine away from Google.

Q5: How might OpenAI be affected by Apple selecting Google for its cloud AI responsibilities?
A5: If Apple chooses Google for its cloud AI duties, OpenAI could potentially experience a significant setback in terms of widespread deployment of its technology.