Real-Time Marketing Favorites: May Kickoff

real-time marketing

Cinco de Mayo, the Kentucky Derby, May the 4th (Star Wars Day) – which is your favorite holiday from the beginning of May? For social media marketers, this is a hard decision.  Real-time marketing has become engrained in marketers’ brains and strategies; it shows how brands can keep up with the times and even have a little more fun than usual.

Regardless which event or holiday you celebrated most (and if you celebrated all of them, good job), here are our picks for the best real-time marketing from this weekend.

Kentucky Derby


Sears ran a #TalkDerbyToMe Twitter party to capitalize on the race and great hats happening.  As many were already interacting with the hashtag #TalkDerbyToMe during the race, this was a great way to interact in real-time with fans.

May the 4th

The Smithsonian

The Smithsonian featured special content dedicated to R2-D2, exploring how the robot started a national love affair with his kind.


The MLB celebrated May the 4th with your favorite “Jedi batters.”  They released a short clip called “The Empire Strikes Out” with all bats replaced by light sabers.  It’s just plain cool to watch.

Cinco de Mayo

Dos Equis

Many brands attempted to celebrate Cinco de Mayo earlier this year, as the holiday fell on a Monday.  Dos Equis celebrated Dos de Mayo, a nod to the brand’s name anyway.  Dos Equis launched their new Dos-A-Rita ready-to-serve margarita line and used the “Most Interesting Man in the World” to create shareable content in preparation for the Cinco de Mayo weekend.

Did you notice any interesting real-time marketing over the weekend? Share your picks with us below.