How to Reach the 2/3rds of the Market That Doesn’t Watch the Big Game



It’s that time of year again. The playoffs are nearly over. Only two teams remain. The Super Bowl will be played on 2/1. Just like most years, millions and millions of dollars will be spent by advertisers attempting to reach the 110 million Americans who will tune in for the big game. If you aren’t Budweiser or another massive brand with money to spend, reaching Super Bowl viewers can be an impossible task. What’s a brand to do? Try going after the 200 million Americans who DON’T watch the Super Bowl. Here are some tips to reach “the other 2/3rds.”


Give Them Puppies

Super Bowl counter-programming is almost as old as the Super Bowl itself. The most successful counter-program is the Puppy Bowl. While you may not be able to afford a Super Bowl ad, your brand might be able to get involved with a Super Bowl counter-program at a lower price, like the Puppy Bowl. Try to identify something running at the same time as the Super Bowl that fits the type of audience you’re trying to reach. If your brand makes pet food, the Puppy Bowl may be an ideal match for you.


Online Content That Makes Light of Big Game Ads

Last year, the best Super Bowl ad didn’t air during the Super Bowl. Newcastle created an ad that mocked the whole idea of spending millions on an ad during the Super Bowl. The video went viral and was popular amongst football fans and non-fans alike. The Internet gives you a distribution channel that is less expensive than TV, and if you create great web content, can lead to more success and engagement than TV ever could.


Go Social

Every year, millions of people take to social media, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. to voice their disinterest, or displeasure in the Super Bowl. Create content for these malcontents, and assign community managers to engage with them.


The Super Bowl can be a golden opportunity for your brand to score some huge wins, if you are willing to look past the field to see all of the people not watching the game.