Potential Release of Two New AirPods 4 Models Later This Year

## Apple’s Upcoming Release: Two New AirPods 4 Models

In a surprising move that has set the tech industry abuzz, Apple is reportedly preparing to release not one, but two next-gen versions of its popular AirPods later this year. The production of these fourth-gen AirPods is expected to be in the 20 million to 25 million range, marking a significant increase from previous production runs.

A Record-Setting Run

Apple’s decision to ramp up production suggests a “record-setting run”, with the AirPods 4 models expected to be instrumental in strengthening Apple’s presence in the lower end of the market. Given this strategy, it would not be surprising to see a price cut on at least one of the AirPods 4 models. For context, the current AirPods 3 retails for $179. The last major release from Apple in this series was in October of 2021, making the timing for the rumored AirPods 4 release quite fitting.

Expected Features of AirPods 4

The tech community eagerly awaits to see what new features Apple will introduce with the AirPods 4. Apple has traditionally maintained certain distinctions between the entry-level AirPods and AirPods Pro. The AirPods 3, for instance, incorporated some features from the AirPods Pro, such as spatial audio, improved battery life, and enhanced water resistance. However, noise cancellation has been a key differentiating factor – a feature that may change with the release of the AirPods 4.

Codenames and Key Features

The upcoming models, codenamed B768(E) and B768(M), are set to replace the second- and third-generation AirPods. The ‘E’ stands for “entry”, while ‘M’ represents “mid-tier.” Both models will showcase a new design, improved fit, and charging cases with USB-C connectivity. The mid-tier version is expected to have active noise cancellation and Find My speakers in the case, making it easier for users to locate the product if misplaced.

In addition to these hardware enhancements, Apple is also purportedly working on some software improvements for the AirPods, including a hearing aid mode.


Apple’s decision to release two new versions of the AirPods 4 marks an interesting departure from their traditional release strategy. With enhanced features and a potential price cut, Apple is poised to make a significant impact in the lower end of the market. As we await the official release, tech enthusiasts worldwide are keen to see how these developments will alter the landscape of the audio device market.


  1. When are the new AirPods 4 expected to be released?
    The new AirPods 4 are rumored to be released in the fall of this year.

  2. What new features can we expect from the AirPods 4?
    The new models are set to feature a new design, improved fit, and charging cases with USB-C. The mid-tier version is also expected to have active noise cancellation and Find My speakers in the case.

  3. What does the increased production imply?
    The increased production indicates that Apple is expecting high demand for these models, aiming for a record-setting run.

  4. How will the AirPods 4 differ from the AirPods Pro?
    The specifics are yet to be confirmed, but it’s suggested that Apple will continue to maintain certain key differences between the standard and Pro models.

  5. What is the expected price range for the new models?
    While official pricing has yet to be announced, it’s speculated that at least one of the new models will be priced lower than the current AirPods 3, which retails for $179.Potential Release of Two New AirPods 4 Models Later This Year