Optimizing Social Content for the Right Device

Social Devices

Social platforms across the board are investing in their mobile versions, making them more functional and more beautiful. This means users are able to access these sites regardless of physical location. Exactly which devices are we using to access social media? A recent study from Burst Media breaks it down by device.

Social Media DeviceFor both men and women, computers are still the device most used to access social media. Smartphones and tablets follow, while gaming systems and connected TVs are used by a handful of people. Here are a few things to keep in mind based on the fact that many users are accessing social media from devices other than personal computers.

1. Are you linking to mobile friendly sites?

By sharing links on social media, you’re hoping to share an enjoyable experience with users, whether on your stie or someone else’s. But sending visitors to a site with a poor mobile experience will only frustrate them. Take care to test out links on a variety of devices before inviting users to a site that their device won’t do any justice for.

2. Are your social pages optimized for mobile?

New Facebook mobile profiles are a bit sleeker than their predecessor. With like, check in and call buttons front and center, there’s still an emphasis on action. But you’ll also notice that maps, hours, price range and reviews get a bit more attention. Take care to update your location and encourage users to write reviews.

3. Is your content visual and straightforward?

When it comes to organic content that users will see in their stream, be sure to keep things simple. Mobile devices make attention spans even shorter, so try to get your point across quickly and concisely with a visual message that can be understood at a smaller scale.