Moana Costume Roundup: Best Disney Outfits for Kids and Adults

When I was asked to write a Moana costume my heart skipped a beat. My little ones absolutely love the ultra-popular Disney movie, and now mommy gets to buy and try a slew of products for her “job”. Basically, I didn’t need to be asked twice to play Moana dress up.

Moana costume

‘Moana’ [Credit: Walt Disney Studios]

Disney costumes have always been a part of my little ones’ wardrobe, and if you’re a mom you know it isn’t always a Halloween affair. In fact, I knew the Moana costumes I bought would be used A) Immediately upon unboxing, and B) Every day after that for a few weeks (at least). So when delivering the final verdict, I took wear and tear into account. After all, if you spend good money on something you hope it lasts, even with two very active girls under the age of ten. I also looked at overall cost to value, and scoured reviews for warning signs or other red flags.

To start the hunt for the best Moana clothing, I checked out a number of popular online retailers. I also found a number of DIY Moana costumes which I skipped over because honestly, who has time for that? In the end, I’m going with Amazon to share as I can generally trust the reviews, the prices are right, and shipping is free. Plus, if I got a dud I could send it back with no penalty.

 1. Moana Costume from Little Adventures

You know that rare moment when you find exactly what you’re looking for? Well, after poking around the web for Moana merch I struck gold. Absolute. Gold. I was aware of Little Adventures from a previous roundup I worked on, but didn’t know they also made Disney princess costumes. Here’s the trick: Since these costumes aren’t “official”, Little Adventures doesn’t use the words Disney or Moana when describing their product. That means if you are searching around the web, you may never find this gem:

Moana dress

And what a gem it is. Let me take a moment and explain why this Moana costume ticks all my boxes:

  • The costume comes with completely finished seams and hems. That means no nonsense when it comes to lasting through multiple days of wearing around the house (and to school, and to the store, and to…). I was so relieved to feel the strong stitching in the fabric, as well as the overall thickness and obvious quality of the fabric itself. 
  • Machine washable. That’s right – you can wash this Moana costume over and over again. You can tell by touch that cheap fabric or dye was not on the menu at Little Adventures.
  • An included flower barrette adds to the completeness of the Moana dress. The pictured necklace and bracelet set is also available for an added price.
  • Sizes! The complete costume comes in sizes for girls up to nine years old. That’s perfect for my household, where when you buy one costume you have to buy two to avoid a total meltdown.

In summary, this is the most durable, fun, and overall top quality Moana costume I have seen to date. It comes with everything you need, and while it’s a bit more expensive than some other things you can find online, it’s totally worth every penny.

2. Disney Costumes Moana Pajamas from PJ Pals

When my girls go to bed they like to wear long pajamas. And while Hannah Anderson pajamas are their go to bedtime clothing, I know these official Disney Moana PJs will be taking that coveted spot for at least a few months. So our second item in the Moana costume roundup isn’t strictly a costume, it comes just as highly recommended.
Disney costumes
One of the things I truly love about Moana (other than The Rock – heeeeeey!) is the unique Polynesian style Disney brings to the table. They’re known for researching the history and meaning of a culture, and these officially licensed products have to meet a similar standard. I love the bright star patterns, the iconic waves, and, of course, Princess Moana herself, leaping forward with oar in hand. It’s actually really beautifully done. Here’s why these pajamas deserve a top place in our Moana costume roundup:

  • If your family doesn’t live in year-round warm weather (like us), you’ll love the option to keep little ones warm at night and still in full Moana costume.
  • PJ Pals includes every size option your kids may need. As I said before, I have to buy two of everything to avoid tantrums.
  • The elastic waist band is soft yet sturdy, and the tapered cuffs and ankles are perfect to keep things where they should be during active play.
  • The all-cotton pajamas are high quality. Don’t expect wear throughs, rips, or tears any time soon.

I can’t recommend these PJs enough. They cover all the bases, and include some awesome, original Disney-licensed art. You can’t beat that!

3. Moana Costume with Accessories and Wig: Child and Adult!

This Disney Moana costume is sure to please for a number of reasons I’ll get into momentarily. It’s third on our list not because it’s bad (heavens no – it’s actually a very cool set!) but because it’s just a smidge below the others in terms of quality. I would consider this a true Moana Halloween costume. It’s meant to be a showpiece, but not an everyday wear. Plus, it comes in adult sizes!

Disney Moana costumeIf you look closely at the dress component you’ll see it’s printed on a foamy fabric. Not a problem by any means, but something to be aware of if you are buying this Moana costume for your kids.

  • Comes with accessories! Actually, all the accessories. Everything you need to look just like Princess Moana including a full wig with Hawaiian flower, necklace, and two-piece costume. The authentic details in the necklace were crowd-pleasers in my house. You could easily let the kiddos wear the necklace with other clothing on this list.
  • Lightweight, perfectly patterned Moana costume. This shows the benefits of having the Disney name attached – there are very few, if any, differences between this and the animated version. Moana cosplay enthusiasts take note!
  • Pretty durable for what it is. The costume material definitely isn’t meant to be worn every day. My kids would wreck this within a week.
  • I said it before: Adult sizes! If Moana is still top of mind in the coming season I may have to order a size for myself so the kids and I can match. What fun!

Good news: There’s a lot of fine Moana clothing out there, but just a few excellent outfits I had to recommend. I hope this list was helpful to all the parents out there searching for the perfect Moana costume!