Matcha Bowl Roundup: Take Your Chawan Tea Game to the Next Level

Selecting a matcha bowl – or chawan in Japanese – is not an easy feat. You’ve got to match your own personality, aesthetic style, and even mood. I was tasked with picking the best matcha bowl our of a literal horde of options (matcha is, like, super hot right now). So we’re off to the races with the chawan that made my short list.

My criteria are pretty simple: A) beautiful to look at and hold and B) reasonably priced with great customer reviews. After all, there’s nothing zen about hating the tea bowl you’re sipping from on a daily basis…

1. Lunch Rejuvenation’s handmade matcha bowl from Vermont

matcha bowl chawan

Where to buy the Vermont matcha bowl: Available on Amazon.com

I can hear the response now, “What? You’re first choice is from Vermont?” Yup. Vermont ceramics has always been on my radar, and the best part about this matcha bowl is the same pottery studio makes a number of matching vessels like a mate gourd, coffee mug, and shaving bowl. So this beautiful blue matcha bowl wins on it’s handmade quality, and the fact that I also got a matching mug out of the deal 🙂

2. MatchaDNA handcrafted but very symmetrical matcha tea bowl

matcha bowl

Where to buy the MatchaDNA matcha bowl: Available on Amazon.com

MatchaDNA is one of the best all around Matcha companies for newbies. They make everything from a chawan to a milk frother to the actual matcha tea itself. Check it all out here. The bowl itself has a beautiful eggshell pattern with perfectly smooth edges that feel a bit more mass produced. That may be fine if you prefer a perfectly symmetrical cup. The misshapen and clearly handmade nature of other chawan is more my style. I tried to force myself to get out of my own head here, because the quality to price ratio can’t be beat. Oh, and it also comes in a darker version too!

3. Tealyra matcha tea set for getting started or gifting

matcha tea set

Where to buy the Tealyra matcha tea set: Available on Amazon.com

If you’re new to the world of matcha tea you need more than just a cup. In fact, you need a bunch of stuff. This set is also great as a last second gift idea, because it includes everything you would need to begin enjoying matcha right away. The matcha bowl itself comes in a variety of colors, so you do have options to personalize. I opted for the truly gorgeous green bowl, which does have a nice handmade feel to it and just the right amount of wobbliness in the texture for me.

Thanks for reading fellow matcha drinkers. I hope I’ve helped you on your search for the perfect matcha bowl. If you do have a product to suggest that isn’t on my list, just shoot me an email and let me know what I’m missing!