Millennials More Likely to Give Poor Reviews than Gen X-ers, Boomers

If you’ve ever noticed a discrepancy between the positive reviews and the negative reviews for a product, it may be reflective of the age of the reviewer and not the quality of the product.

A new study by Bazaarvoice, which examined 6 million consumer online opinions in 7 countries, found that Millennials give more 1-star reviews than Generation X-ers or Boomers. Jason Dorsey, CEO of The Center for Generational Kinetics says the way the generations engage in online consumer conversations are often as revealing as their actual reviews.

“Generational segmentation provides a powerful lens to view your online brand conversations around the world. This lens is often more accurate and timely than age segmentation traditionally used by advertisers,” says Dorsey. “The explanation is simple: there is more consistency and predictability by birth cohort than by arbitrary age ranges such as 18 to 25 or 26 to 34. Why are we seeing this shift? One reason: delayed adulthood.”

Have you noticed this trend among your customers and those who have reviewed your products? Share your thoughts with us!