Microsoft Continues to Display Bing Ads to Chrome Users

## Microsoft’s Unrelenting Bing Ads on Chrome

Microsoft has once again stirred the pot with its persistent Bing ads that are making their way to Chrome users. While the tech giant had previously paused these ads due to user complaints, they have recently made a comeback, causing further frustration among users.

The Past Controversy Over Bing Ads

Last year, Windows 11 users were up in arms over a series of pop-ups prompting Chrome users to switch to Bing as their default search engine. These unsolicited ads were dubbed as malware-like due to their invasive nature. Microsoft responded by pausing the pop-ups and attributing them to “unintended behavior.”

The Return of Bing Ads

However, less than a year later, similar pop-ups are once again giving Chrome users a hard time. This time, Microsoft seems less apologetic about their re-emergence. A Reddit user recently shared a screenshot of an ad that appeared on their desktop. Although the ad was slightly pixelated and appeared unexpectedly, it was indeed legitimate and notably intrusive.

Microsoft’s Bing ad spam for Chrome users. Image source: Reddit

In a statement to The Verge, Caitlin Roulston, Microsoft’s director of communications, said, “This is a one-time notification giving people the choice to set Bing as their default search engine on Chrome. We value providing our customers with choice, so there is an option to dismiss the notification.”

However, what Microsoft fails to provide its users is the choice to turn off these ads entirely. The company’s decision to persistently display these ads despite user backlash indicates a prioritization of promoting their services over user experience.


Microsoft’s continuous Bing ad spam for Chrome users is a testament to the company’s aggressive marketing tactics. Despite the backlash and user complaints, Microsoft appears unapologetic and continues with their strategy. The lack of an option to disable these ads has left many users frustrated, calling for a more user-friendly approach from the tech giant.


1. What is the issue with Microsoft’s Bing ads?
Microsoft is displaying persistent pop-up ads to Chrome users, encouraging them to switch to Bing as their default search engine. Users have criticized these ads as intrusive and annoying.

2. How has Microsoft responded to the backlash?
Microsoft initially paused the ads after backlash last year, attributing them to “unintended behavior.” However, the ads have since returned, and Microsoft seems less apologetic this time around.

3. Can users turn off these Bing ads?
Currently, Microsoft does not provide an option for users to disable these ads entirely. Users can dismiss individual notifications, but there is no setting to prevent the ads from appearing altogether.

4. How have Chrome users reacted to these Bing ads?
Chrome users are largely frustrated by these unsolicited ads. They have criticized Microsoft’s aggressive marketing tactics and called for a more user-friendly approach.Microsoft Continues to Display Bing Ads to Chrome Users