Samsung is taking on Oura with the introduction of the Galaxy Ring.

TechCrunch reports that Samsung is taking on Oura with the introduction of the Galaxy Ring.

Oura, a wellness-tracking ring, has established that a ring is a practical design for health monitoring. Since then, numerous similar products have come onto the market, but none from a company as prominent as Samsung, who has now endorsed the technology by launching its own variant.

Samsung wrapped up its Galaxy S24 Unpacked event today with the reveal of the Samsung Galaxy Ring. The company gave a short introduction to the product:

“By incorporating Samsung Health’s cutting-edge innovations into a novel design, we have created a potent and accessible health and wellness gadget that will transform future health in a way only Samsung can. The Galaxy Ring, armed with AI technology, allows us to remain connected, unleash our creativity, and foster healthier habits in more meaningful ways. This is only the beginning, and we’re thrilled for you to experience it.”

So far, we only know that it is a ring named the Galaxy Ring. It’s probable that it will integrate with the existing Samsung Health app ecosystem, leveraging various features introduced over the years in the Galaxy Watch series. Given its compact size, the design may have some feature constraints, but Samsung is likely to motivate users to wear both devices to supplement each other.

More specifics, including launch date, cost, and features, will be revealed soon.

In response to TechCrunch, Oura CEO Tom Hale commented: “Since our establishment over a decade ago, we have continually invested in developing the finest smart ring that empowers everyone. Our users range from Gen Z to Boomers, professional athletes to those wanting to enhance their sleep and health, women tracking their menstrual cycles to those seeking to better manage their stress. With regular updates of new features, Oura possesses the most comprehensive IP portfolio for the smart ring design, including 100 approved patents, 270 pending patent applications, and more than 130 registered trademarks. The entry of new competitors in this market validates the category and drives us to work harder to serve our members and community.”