Study Shows Marketers Aren’t Using LinkedIn for Lead Gen

Previous studies have shown that “marketers frequently cite LinkedIn as one of the most valuable social networks to incorporate in marketing strategy.”

But does citing a social network as having value translate into usage?

While two thirds of industry respondents participate LinkedIn as individuals, only half answered that their company maintains an official LinkedIn profile, and just one quarter reported posting relevant content in LinkedIn Groups as a lead generation strategy.

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Additional steps to leverage LinkedIn as an agency lead generation tool


  • Relevant LinkedIn Groups stimulate engagement

Smaller groups that attract the same senior marketing audience hold more potential for engagement. Don’t limit yourself to the obvious groups in your industry; these are full of people who already know what you know. Instead, think about people who could benefit from your knowledge, but don’t necessarily have access to it. For example, if you are in the business of digital strategy, instead of joining every digital marketing group out there, branch out to groups filled with the types of businesses that you generally serve, like technology firms or catering companies.

  • Participate in LinkedIn Answers

By adding a daily process of participation that includes carefully selecting questions based on lead potential, Answers generates thought leadership that can be repurposed for other means. You can also audit your existing content and build a shared database of approved answers to commonly asked questions.

  • Customize your page with apps

There are a number of apps out there just waiting to trick out your profile and improve the experience for prospects. We recommend WordPress to draw attention to your company’s blog and Events to showcase upcoming webinars or other activities sponsored by your business. If you’re looking for something more specific, check out the full list of apps available on LinkedIn.

  • Try out LinkedIn Ads

Hypertargeting ads can allow you to zero in on prospects at the organization level. Combined with irresistible content designed to provide real value to a niche audience you’ll justify the CPC associated with these super-targeted clicks (prices could run as high as $15.00 per click).

  • Link real life to LinkedIn life

Get mobile with the LinkedIn app so that when you’re at trade show or networking event you can connect immediately, before you have the chance to forget names or misplace business cards. If you use other social applications like Twitter selectively update your LinkedIn status in tandem. Pinging your network once per day reminds them that you’re a leader in the marketing, advertising or public relations world.

Does your agency have a process for using LinkedIn for lead generation? Tell us your B2B social media marketing strategies, pick up some pointers from our own articles on B2B social media marketing.