Louis Vuitton’s “Art of Packing” Playlist Makes for Excellent Social Media Marketing

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They may not have been as quick to jump on the social media bandwagon as their younger, more contemporary competitors, but luxury brands have really come into their own in the social media space. We highlighted some of their social achievements in an earlier blog post, and we’ve discovered another excellent example of well done content/social marketing from a luxury brand — namely, Louis Vuitton.

The brand has created a YouTube playlist featuring five short videos that feature tips and tricks for packing a suitcase. The description that accompanies the first installment reads:

“Over one and a half centuries ago, a young Louis Vuitton arrived in Paris and began his career as an apprentice in the workshop of a trunk-maker and packer. Today, inspired by impeccable craftsmanship and creativity, Louis Vuitton continues to sustain this art and gives tips on how to pack for your own your personal voyage.”

louis vuitton art of packing

Here’s why this was a smart choice:

It offers a chance to highlight products without advertising them.

By using their own line of clothing and luggage as the stars of the tutorial, the brand is highlighting their products without directly advertising them. It reinforces what the brand does without interrupting the flow of the video, and might even encourage viewers to seek their products.

It provides advice that fans, followers, customers and the average Joe can use.

Although the brand Louis Vuitton target audience may only be a small portion of consumers, the video’s content has appeal that goes beyond that small portion. This can help open up the potential pool of customers by appealing to people who, perhaps, have never been in a Louis Vuitton store.

The installments are short and creatively shot.

The advice is great, but breaking it up into 30 second installments makes it even easier to digest. Viewers can pick out individual videos they want, or they can watch the entire playlist in just a matter of minutes. The presentation is also clever and attractive. Rather that showing someone literally acting out the tutorial, the crisp, bright stop-motion animation makes it easy to understand and watch. It stands out from the dozens of other tutorial videos on YouTube, and that’s a good thing.

Once again: It’s SHAREABLE.

I’ve said dozens of times, but it bears repeating — the more shareable your content is, the easier it is to get people to see it. The fact that the videos are short and hosted on YouTube makes it very easy for viewers (and the brand itself) to share them across multiple social platforms, embed them in a blog or add it to a “Watch Later” queue. Not only that, the content itself is shareable and is the type of thing that viewers might share with their friends.

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