LinkedIn Introduces Company Follow Button

linkedinWith the advent of social media, we’ve all taken to following, liking and circling our favorite brands and companies, but recently brands have begun engaging with customers in new ways via social media. First, Facebook began rolling out new timelines for brands earlier this week. Now, LinkedIn is shaking up the way users interact with companies on its site. On Monday, the site announced the launch of the LinkedIn Follow Company button. What does this mean for your brand? Well, it means that engaging customers, colleagues and potential future employees with your company’s LinkedIn profile just got a lot easier.

While browsing a company’s LinkedIn profile, a user can now follow all of that brand’s updates and shared content simply by clicking the Follow Company button. Interested brands and companies can even add the Follow button to their own company’s website by visiting LinkedIn’s Developers page.

The helpful folks at LinkedIn even posted a video to help introduce users to the button.

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