LinkedIn Improves Group Search

LinkedIn users, listen up! The site has rolled out new features to better help you find groups to engage with.

As the site details, the new search takes cues from the conversations taking place within a group to see which most closely reflect what you’re searching. It also searches group members to see if any are already connected to you.

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In addition, users can filter results according to network, categories and language.

Although they seem like minor changes, the improvements to LinkedIn’s group search can seriously assist execs looking to engage with others in their industry. Being active in a group can help increase a user’s visibility and connections. With the improved search tool, even the casual or pressed-for-time user can find a group that they will enjoy and feel they can add to.

Do you use LinkedIn groups to increase your brand’s exposure? What groups are you a part of? Let us know! And if you’re wondering how to tackle the beast that is LinkedIn, check out our tips for executives to help you work social media into an hour of your workday.