Intone P6 Wireless Headphones Review

The Intone P6 Wireless Headphones are a relatively newcomer brand to the category, and pair nicely with most Bluetooth products. We recently received a review pair of the rather handsome white and gold edition, and have been putting the product through it’s paces. As you may have read from our previous review of the best bluetooth earbuds, there are more than a few products on the market. Our recent research shows that over 100 new bluetooth headphones are being introduced every month, further confusing matters.Intone P6 Wireless Headphones ReviewThe Intone P6s have a certain style that’s all their own, with several color options to choose from. They aren’t quite as stylish as some of our favorite (and much more expensive) wood grain headphones, but do the job at a price that isn’t too committal. The P6’s don’t skimp on features, and manage to pack everything into the headset, including tap controls and an FM receiver, an unexpected and welcome addition not commonly found in the sub-$50 price category.

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