Instagram’s Update Allows You to Fine-Tune Your Photos’ Filters


If Instagram’s filters have left you cold in the past, get ready for some good news. The app is unrolling a new feature that allows you to have greater control over your photo creations.

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 12.31.28 PM

The Instagram team announced the new creative tools in a blog post, detailing that users will soon be able to change the brightness, saturation, warmth and other adjustments. While this is great news for users in general, particularly because the filters in the past tended to be pretty heavy-handed, it’s also great news for brands who regularly use the app and network. Brands and businesses will now be able to give a more accurate and, perhaps, professional view of their products, services and company culture. More than that, being able to fine-tune these filters and their adjustments will also help photos that are well edited stand out against a feed of over-filtered, washed-out and burned-out photos.

Perhaps the most important part of this announcement, though, is that it will allow brands to use filters and still comply with Instagram’s ad guidelines. One of the guidelines that had been pointed out by Instagram’s Jim Squires was that ad photos should not show heavy use of filters. This should at least give brands the tools they need to help prevent that rule from being violated.

Need a refresher course on the Instagram ad guidelines? Check them out here.